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Knownpro Oy

About the company

Founded in 2006 and person in charge has over twentyfive years of experience in field of electrification and automation projects. Reference projects include assignments from feasibility studies and basic design to commissioning and start-up services at site as well as acting as a project/team leader.

MISSION of Knownpro Oy is to be a well known project partner providing resources and project management services for our customer projects. With partner companies contracts may include other branches of engineering too. One of the Knownpro Oy's strengths is the ability to lead multi-company projects.

VISION is to be a trustworthy and desired partner to make projects more profitable by notifying effects of decisions in total costs.

VALUES include openness, trustworthy and ability to listen to the customer. Well trained and motivated personnel will increase customer satisfaction and provide long-term business relationships.